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The employee benefit plans we help design and initiate are critical components of your overall compensation package and play a major role in how employees perceive their employer. Searching for an employee benefit program on your own can be time consuming and complicated. Knowing that health care options remain the backbone of benefits packages, we make it our responsibility to explain these rapidly changing employee benefit plans and concepts effective and efficiently. At we have been helping small businesses navigate the complex world of employee benefits since 2002. We offer a consultative approach and are proactive thinkers.  We offer effective client specific solutions versus a size fits all approach.

Our goal is to help our customers quickly find the best benefit plans for their employees at the lowest cost.  We have been consistently commended for our quick responses, customer service and personalized service we provide to each one of our small group clients.

You Won’t Finder Better Rates:

The State Department of Insurance regulates health insurance premiums. Therefore, whether you buy your coverage from us, another insurance agent or direct from the carrier – there is no effect on the premium you pay. You will pay the same price for the same plan regardless of who you purchase it from.

Our Service is Free:

All the services offered by are provided at no extra cost to the employer or employee.  Our fee is paid by the insurance company you select. You can rest assured that we do not charge you for our services and that we offer the lowest premiums available.

Final Premium Rates:

The quotes we provide are estimates based upon the preliminary information you give us. After evaluating your medical history and other information, the insurance company will determine your final premium rate.

To get a quote for your group of 2 or more full time employees, please complete the quote form or census forms below.

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